Bardena Sunsets

Our mind sometimes plays tricks on us, but having the possibility to witness the moments of a sunset in the Bardenas Natural Park is unforgettable. From March to November you will be able to share with us this spectacular experience: the sky and the ground change their colours and the whole scenery changes in a couple of minutes while the place you are at turns into a world of impossible shades.

Bardenas Sunset Visits

Tours every day.

From 2 to 4 people, 40€ per person.
For groups of more than 4 people, 35€ per person.
For groups of more than 6 people, 30€ per person.

If you have one or more children these are the prices for you.
2 adults + 1 child* 100€
2 adults + 2 children* 120€
2 adults + 3 children* 140€
*up to the age of 18

Combine this activity with our e-mountainbike route and profit of 10% discount.

Sunset at Bardenas

The Compañía de Guías de las Bardenas puts at the visitor´s disposal terrestrial telescopes and binoculars. The route will be on 4WD vehicles or eight-seater vans.

The price includes:
A qualified tour guide for the guided visit, liability insurance (600.000€), rescue and assistance insurance, taxes.