Where is the Bardenas Reales of Navarra?

Bardenas MapWith an irregular and elongated shape from north to south, 45km long and 24km wide, the Bardenas Reales is an unexpected desert territory, which spreads out between the valleys of the Ebro and the Aragón and between the Yugo mountain range and the Aragonese region of Cinco Villas.

Few but torrential rainfalls, very hot summers and very hot winters characterize the climate of the Bardenas Reales. Storms and strong winds are responsible for the erosion

An unusual morphology shows a landscape formed by large plains, lots of hillocks, hills and flat areas with tabular structure. Its height is about 659m maximum and 280m minimum.

The hydrographical system of the Bardenas Reales consists of ravines which spread across the whole territory. They only contain water when it rains, but you can find isolated ponds all over the year in the bigger ravines.

Among the most important ravines, makes stand out the Agua Salada ravine, which drains the north-western side and runs into the river Aragón and close to the town Villafranca; the Limas Ravine, whose basin is the biggest. This ravine receives water from the hollow of La Blanca which flows into the Ebro River next to the town Arguedas. And the Tudela Ravine, also flowing parallel to the Egea road into the Ebro River.