The famous Threee Bardenas

Inside this desert territory there can be classified three kinds of vegetal landscape with different geomorphologic composition: El Plano (“The plain”), La Bardena Blanca (“The White Bardena”) and La Bardena Negra (“The Black Bardena”).


Castildetierra y El Plano

Castildetierra & El Plano

El Plano is an area, mainly cultivated with cereal and flanked by slopes covered with kermes oak, rosemary and armoise. It is an isolated plateau that rises up to 100 meters above the adjacent terrains. It has a very low rate of erosion and dips down to the Vedado de Eguaras (“Eguaras preserve”) and the Bardena Alta (”High Bardena”).


The Bardena Blanca

La Bardena Blanca

La Bardena Blanca is the most desert area. In its interior predominates marly mud that causes a relief with wide flat areas and rambling ravines, standing out hillocks (isolated promontories). The plenty of mineral salts and gypsum in the geological substratum and the dryness of the climate motivate the appearance of saline phases on the ground of the Bardena Blanca causing its typical white colour


The Bardena Negra

La Bardena Negra

The relief formed by plateaus of different heights and lined with a dense net of ravines is typical for the La Bardena Negra. In this area you can see cultivated cereal fields that occupy the flat ground and kermes oak and pinewood going along the edge of it. Forming a Mediterranean forest, this area has the greatest vegetation cover.